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Adjusting to new dentures can be a little overwhelming at first however it doesn't take long to make the adjustment. To ensure your dentures stay beautiful and functional for years follow the denture cleaning and care tips below.  

Denture Cleaning and Care Tips

  • Do NOT wear your dentures to bed
  • Dentures out of the mouth for more than an hour, MUST be placed in room temp water to prevent warping.
  • Brush at least twice a day, with denture paste (NOT TOOTHPASTE)
  • Clean over a sink of water, to avoid breakage from dropping
  • Soak your dentures in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water when you sleep
  • Brush your gums, tongue, and palate before inserting your dentures
  • Do not attempt to file, adjust, or repair your dentures, All denture alterations will be made by Dr. Hook or our staff
  • Dentures are not the end of visits to the dentist, as you will continue to lose underlying bone, (as much as 2mm per year).
  • Your dentures will need to be remade every 5-7 years
  • If you have your dentures out for more than 1 hour, they must be placed in room temperature water
  • Ask about relining procedures if your dentures become loose
  • Clean and examine any remaining natural teeth
  • For any sore spots, rinse 3 times a day with warm saltwater. If the soreness persists, make an appointment with our team

What to expect from new dentures

  • Remove your dentures at night to prevent fungus and potential irritation.
  • Your dentures will feel loose until your facial muscles adjust to keep your dentures in place.
  • It is normal for your lower dentures to move while you're speaking and eating.
  • You may experience soreness or irritation while your ridge is accustomed to dentures.
  • Using a simple denture adhesive that can help prevent soreness and movement.
  • The front teeth are for aesthetic purposes, not for chewing or biting. Avoid biting into apple or corn to prevent suction loss.
  • Cut your food into small pieces, be sure to chew on both sides of your mouth on the back teeth.
  • Avoid hot foods until you are used to chewing with your dentures.
  • Learning how to chew may take weeks or months to be comfortable.

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